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red background with yellow NY cab and NY statue of liberty in the foreground, holding popcorn cup, with the following words: 10th Annual Winter Film Awards International Film Festival written in white

2021 International Film Festival Winner SINCE AUGUST


United States

103 mins

 American Sign Language, English

 NYC Premiere

 Feature Film Competition

Directed By Diana Zuros Produced By Diana ZurosLevan ZuroshviliNino D. Gordeli Starring Sabina Akhmedova (Elizabeth Lester), Antoinette Abbamonte (Vedette DiCarlo) Warning Nudity‎; Explicit Sexual Situations‎; Non-Explicit Sexual Situations‎; Drug Use‎; Discussion or Depiction of Suicide‎; Discussion or Depiction of Self-Harm

‎A young recovering drug addict confronts her demons by befriending the grief-stricken deaf mother she mysteriously spies on, but instead forges a much deeper friendship than she ever anticipated – one built upon the shared trauma of the women’s pasts. Told in ASL and shot on a DSLR camera, Since August is a uniquely intimate story of healing and redemption that bears witness to the power of visual storytelling. The film showcases a diverse cast and crew of international women with the representation of a deaf actress in the role of Vedette.

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About the Director

Diana Zuros comes from a photography background and perceives filmmaking as a visual storytelling vehicle – the fewer words used to convey an idea, the better. Her first feature film Since August told in ASL is the proof. Diana is fascinated by an illusion of contrasts that life has to offer and strongly believes that our mission as humans is to bring together and unite the two extremes of the spectrum. She’s written and directed experimental short films, theater productions, PSAs.