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Zuro Gravity Pictures is a one of a kind indie film production company with a mission to defy Hollywood's gravity. Diana Zuros, a visionary filmmaker, is dedicated to creating meaningful film projects with substance, smashing through the barriers of Hollywood's favoritism and nepotism: "With focus on inclusion and diversity, I strive to bridge the gap between cultures, crafting films that unite and inspire. I'm not just shaking up the movie business, I'm starting to democratize the whole filmmaking scene by offering my films for FREE and letting the audience decide what they want to pay for them. Another way of democratization, in my opinion, is to cast unknown talent and give them a fair chance to shine, as opposed to continuing to give roles to the same old faces, over and over".

Based out of Los Angeles, Diana writes, produces and directs her own projects. Her films tend to be poetic in nature. Introducing her latest feature film Since August, told in ASL (American Sign Language) with English subtitles and no spoken dialogue, with both deaf and hearing actors. Hope you take a moment to check it out. It'll be offered for FREE but will be accepting donations.

"I've been wrestling with this beast of a project for over 12 years now and it's finally ready to go out into the world and spread its wings. It's completely self-financed (with the help of my family and friends) and due to a very corporate nature of the current distribution landscape I've decided to self-distribute it. It's a huge gamble, the one I hope will pay off, so that I can finally repay the kindness of everyone who made this film a reality."

Since August is a labor of love for everyone who worked on it: "I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this film, so any support would be greatly appreciated!!"

And right now, as union writers and actors go on strike, the whole industry is feeling the impact. It's a crucial moment, one that will nudge Hollywood to finally change its ways and recognize the value of the actual makers of media and entertainment: "I stand in solidarity with these talented individuals, fighting for fair compensation and respect."

So, join me on this gravity-defying journey and experience the magic with Zuro Gravity Pictures - the field where Hollywood loses its heavy weight.."

Feel free to look around to learn how this project came together...

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