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sabina akhmedova, asl film, deaf actors, since august
Viewers Experience World of Deaf in ‘Since August’
Since August is a groundbreaking film in which most of the sparse dialogue is in American Sign Language with some English-language captioning. It takes hearing people into the world of the deaf. During various portions of the film, we must rely ...
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deaf actors, deaf culture, asl language, since august, diana zuros, sabina akhmedova, antoinette abbamonte
Since August (2023) Movie Review: An Immersive Narrative of Unexpected Connections and Bonding
Since August (2023) Movie Review: Language plays a pivotal role in the world of cinema, serving as a powerful tool for storytelling and communication. Through dialogue, narration, or subtitles, language enables filmmakers to convey complex narra...
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Hollywood Toto, Christian Toto, Independent films, entertainment, deaf actors, ASL film, Since August movie
How ‘Since August’ Disrupts the Hollywood System
ASL drama challenges status quo, connects directly with movie-going public“Since August” has been a profound creative journey for me, one that began in 2011 with a minimal budget and a dream to bring a unique story to life.It’s told in ASL with Engli...
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A close-up of a girl's frontal face looking sideways, dark shoulder length hair,, on a gray background and a title of the film next to the girl's head" Since August
The Importance of Casting Deaf Actors in Deaf Roles Going Forward
Introduction:Hey, movie buffs! We all know that flicks are more than just flashy visuals and popcorn – they're windows into different worlds and stories that can change hearts. And guess what? Hollywood is finally catching onto that big time in 2023,...
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a poster with colorful film strip as a background and Film Threat written in white bold letters in the foreground
Since August Film Review By Film Threat
CINEQUEST FILM FESTIVAL 2023 REVIEW! Diana Zuros’ feature film, Since August, isn’t the most original story from a plot standpoint. However, it is about as fresh of a take on trauma, grief, and loss as you’re going to get. It’s also why independ...
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a girl's dace in despair in dark blue color with since august written in white along her face, a poster for a film
Since August, Told In ASL, To Be Released On August 16, 2023
Since August is a poetic drama told entirely in American Sign Language (ASL) with English subtitles and no spoken dialogue. It is set to make its highly anticipated release on August 16th, 2023.As a self-funded passion project that took a decade to c...
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red background with yellow NY cab and NY statue of liberty in the foreground, holding popcorn cup, with the following words: 10th Annual Winter Film Awards International Film Festival written in white
2021 International Film Festival Winner SINCE AUGUST
WINNER - BEST PICTUREWINNER - INDIEPIX AWARDNOMINATED - BEST DIRECTORNOMINATED - BEST ACTRESS (SABINA AKHMEDOVA)United States103 mins American Sign Language, English NYC Premiere Feature Film CompetitionDirected By Diana Zuros Produced...
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A white bald man and a white brunette woman standing next to each other against a very colorful pavement background
Reimagining Silicon Valley’s Cinequest as Cinejoy, with an emphasis on the joy
The 30th annual Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival was six days in when it came to a screeching halt, along with the rest of the world, with the arrival of the first COVID-19 shelter-in-place order.Now, a year later — with festival producers&nb...
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Close ups of two women standing next to each other, one looking at the other one who is looking away, sunny day
Heartland Film Festival 2021: Since August
Since August is a thoughtful and tender study on the ties between grief, guilt and connection. Written, directed, produced and edited by Diana Zuros, this film refreshes a familiar story in such a way that it is a worthwhile addition to your Hea...
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two women sitting next to each other on a bench, one wearing dark hoodie, they are signing something in ASL
Shanghai Film Festival Unveils Jury and Diverse Competition Lineup 2021
Unlike in most recent years, there appears to be no participation from pedigreed Hollywood talent planned for this year's Shanghai festival.The Shanghai International Film Festival, China’s longest-running major cinema event, is set to retu...
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