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SABINA AKHMEDOVA joined Moscow's Institute of Modern Arts when she was 16.

During the four-year program, she studied with members of the Moscow Art Theatre, founded by acting legend Constantin Stanislavsky.

In 2006, Sabina continued her studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. While studying, she participated in several theatre productions, such as acting in Shakespeare's King Lear (as Goneril) at the Strasberg Marilyn Monroe Theatre and doing a reading of Chekov’s Three Sisters at the legendary Actors Studio for its famous creative director Al Pacino.

In 2013 she made her debut on American television as a series regular in the drama Siberia which aired on NBC. She also starred in the Russian version of “Sex and the City” and in the independent feature “Cloud Nine” where she is co-staring with Michael Madsen.

In 2014, Sabina co-starred with Jason Mamoa and Tom Sizemore in the Sundance channel show The Red Road. In 2016, two of her movies, Earthquake (Armenia) and House of Others (Georgia), were selected to be nominated for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category.

In 2019 she had three major tv-series come out - the second season of a very popular show “Soderjanki” (“The Gold Diggers”), also the Russian adaptation of the US show “The Good Wife” and the thriller “Call- canter”. Sabina can also be seen as a series regular in the tv-series “Insomnia” which will aired on American television.

ANTOINETTE ABBAMONTE is a professional actor, producer, and advocate, who just happens to be deaf.

Her acting credits include Larry’s HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, ABC Family’s Switched At Birth, and FOX’s Raising Hope and The New Normal. She stars in upcoming film SINCE AUGUST, a project she also joined as closed and open captions consultant.

She was a moderator on Edgar Wright’s acclaimed Baby Driver and ASL Direction Linda Palmer’s Turnover. Antoinette has performed on stage and taught workshops around the country, Authored Gratitude, Trust, Intimacy, and Love as well as the children’s title Tree Wise. She is also a proud advocate for artists of diversity as she pushes boundaries within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Also, the owner and founder of Mermaid Signature Production for TV and film within Hollywood Industry. She recently announced 2020 Assembly District 74 Woman of Distinction.

MSP has a focus on delivering projects that enhance industry partners' value and are devoted to “breaking the mold” with products brimming with cultural advancement type content to global markets. Servicing societal co existence initiatives makes MSP the conduit of synergy to bring the right people and resources to enhance the production of a vision through its creation, to market and to distribution.


Diana Zuros comes from a photography background and perceives filmmaking as a visual storytelling vehicle - the less words it uses to convey an idea, the better. Maybe that aspect of film prompted her to create her first feature film SINCE AUGUST using ASL (American Sign Language).

Born in Georgia (the country), she studied film/theatre directing at a local film school. Pursuing her filmmaking career took her all the way to Los Angeles and she never looked back.

Diana Zuros is fascinated by an illusion of contrasts that life has to offer and strongly believes that our mission as humans IS to bring together and unite the two extremes of the spectrum, but still be able to maintain diversity and non-judgment."It's a very thin line to walk on, but it IS possible".

Writing, filmmaking, photography, music, and art in general are her philosophy. There is nothing more attractive and universal than speaking the language of art and creativity.

Prior to this film she wrote and directed experimental short films, theater productions, PSAs and music videos. SINCE AUGUST will open new doors for her.

NINO D. GORDELI is a Los Angeles-based director and filmmaker. After getting her B.A. in film, she produced and directed a large variety of projects— documentaries, theater productions, commercials, music videos, and TV productions.

Wishing to expand her filmmaking knowledge, she acquired skills as a director of photography and editor while at the New York Film Academy and also studied acting at the Eric Morris Actor's Workshop.

She made her comeback to stage directing The Vagina Monologues two years in the row (2015 & 2016) at the Coast Playhouse and the Los Angeles Theater Center.

SINCE AUGUST is her first narrative feature film.


Maciej Zielinski is one of the most outstanding Polish composers of his generation. His compositions encompass contemporary classical music, film music, theatre music, songs and original television music.

He has received many awards, ranging from the three nominations to the Polish Film Academy Awards to even winning two international music contests.

He created a completely original composition heard throughout the film and played an integral role in shaping the mood of the scenes.

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